Estelle Price

Estelle Price

At the end of therapy

I cut an aumbry into stone,
two shelves recessed, unlit—regret’s

chiselled new home. A place to store the secrets
I tissue in code. Deep in the womb I hide

a hive of bees gossiping in the gloom.
Beside their wooden box I store
a bowl of splintered shells—another’s dreams
I leant on with my palm, and by the door I lodge

a basket packed with shredded photos
of a gibbous moon. I lock my cabinet 
with a whale bone, walk away
mouthing prayers in pink. And when the bell sings

for Compline, only I recall the meaning 
of two wickless candles, surrounded by stone.

ESTELLE PRICE is the winner of the 2023 Welshpool Poetry Competition and the 2023 Mairtín Crawford Award amongst many others. Before she knew she was a poet she was a lawyer, a classicist, a charity worker. Twitter: @EstelleHPrice Instagram: @estellehelen