Katherine Collins

Katherine Collins

A poem for Ben about snow

You should write a poem about snow. Not about snow 
            covering things with white 

   but what you said about the light 
and how it’s lighter – I mean the opposite

of dense – because the whiteness
                 covers everything. And sound 

  and how you said that noise is drowned 
out yet crunchy like Storm Troopers 

marching in formation across a vast white 
open space and how you always 

make hot chocolate when it snows 
                                    how you crashed the M3
                                    (though actually 
                                    that was black ice)

KATHERINE COLLINS’s poetry has appeared in The Rialto, Shearsman Magazine, Finished Creatures, Ink Sweat & Tears, Anthropocene, and the anthology Angled by the Flood. Her pamphlet was shortlisted in The Rialto’s 2020 competition. She works at the University of Oxford.