Stav Poleg

Stav Poleg


When the plate diagonally
fell, like a hoop or a ring— the spin

of a coin—
I had to adjust

my yellow hairclip, the shut
of a door, the children test-driving small hours

of rain.
How to measure

the distance from here to twelve
years ago. A treehouse-blue

a glass like a shoot

from the stem of a dream.
The reason I made the transition from acting

to directing— said the girl in the film—
was because it was raining

all June.
The reason I fell asleep reading— I said

to myself— was because I was finally not looking
for you.

STAV POLEG’s poetry has most recently appeared in The New Yorker, PN Review and Kenyon Review. Her graphic-novel installation Dear Penelope: Variations on an August Morning, with artist Laura Gressani, was acquired by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.