Adrija Ghosh

Adrija Ghosh

we could cook meatballs for dinner

at the riverside retail park
inside poundland
under the swinging banner of aisle three
we could share 
a corndog in the april dusk
outside the sun, a prick of blood
swimming in a purple sky– 
the colour of your knuckles clenched 
during a fasting cbc

your fist clutching 
my ketchup’ed pinky
the refrigerator staring back at us, 
baring open its cured meat smile
our everyday
squabbling                      haggling 
butchering                      budgeting 
in retail aisles. a lick of mustard
at your mouth’s end. i want to french you like
alain delon in plein soleil. we could cook 
meatballs for dinner, we could leave
the delhi metro 
violet line behind– 
we could do taxes on an excel sheet
make 2-for-1 grocery lists
ration our rice. 
we could drink a hellish drip 
at some hellish café. sunday mornings. 
toothpaste kiss. 

do you think we could have had that life?

ADRIJA GHOSH is a queer multilingual poet passionate about decolonization and diversity in scholarship and the arts. They are currently enrolled in the MA Creative Writing course at the University of East Anglia. Find them on Twitter and Instagram at @byadrija.