Elliot Waloschek

Elliot Waloschek

a circle of trans men, dancing

             what hot geometry is this?

this mudplay

             what geometry of Mud

we salamanders
we mud-puppies
we muddled men
our history is between us & clear as Mud full

of lurks

full of bogs

you my brother bog
we mudkin
we siblings of the murk
we waterlogged bods
we place touchstones for each other in the spaces we embod what

             miracle is this?

             what henge
             what treaty

so treacherously soft
this rare mud crack meeting

ELLIOT WALOSCHEK was the 2020 Roundhouse Slam Champion. An alumnus of Roundhouse Poetry Collective and Apples & Snakes Writing Room, his work has been featured on BBC radio & the Poetry Society. His debut poetry show, waterlog, is at Roundhouse Last Word Festival on June 1st 2023.