Gabrielle Griot

Gabrielle Griot

Attachment Theory

3am and I’m looking 
up the history of Fun Dip or erotic ASMR 
meditating on an emergency
paying $25 to teach my therapist
about a specific strain of feminism  
worrying that she hates me
gaining twenty pounds & taking photos 
of myself artistically crying
this is what you’ve done to me
I want to write but instead I pour 
another glass of wine & text you
the Spotify link to Nothing Compares 2 U 


you think it’s never going to end
then it does    
then it’s 3am & you’re lying
hysterically in the dark 
watching the light draw 
angry circles across your retinas 
thinking there’s nothing that can be done 
& even less time to do it 
so we’ll just keep choking on
chalky slabs of melatonin & the moon    
just keeps hanging there 
dumb in the sky

GABRIELLE GRIOT is an American writer currently based in the UK. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, where she wrote across both poetry and prose. Recent work can be found in The Moth, New Writing and elsewhere.