Jane Draycott

Jane Draycott

Mika however

cannot forget, despite this recent
happiness as a human jukebox
in a beautiful bankside bookshop –

anything a customer would like
a slice of (poetry, crime, Anna’s
last scene as the candle goes out)

and its cafe where analysts play
their full 3D pocket versions: plains,
caves, dark places, various water bodies.

Can the bee forget the memory
of wax inside the dark hive?
Can the eel and minnow forget

the shiver in the water
the night before the quake?

JANE DRAYCOTT’s several poetry collections from Carcanet Press include The Occupant (Poetry Book Society Recommendation, 2016), Over (a T. S. Eliot Prize nomination) and her prize-winning translation of the medieval dream-elegy Pearl, published also as a Carcanet audio book in 2019.