Jo Bratten

Jo Bratten

I am so hopeless for the kiss of a 

hey       good day       hi there
baddy        buddy       pal     neighbor      my friend
I watch    see you     walking     moving around
my house       home       apartament
you looks nice         
                                     do you would like to meet?

I’m home alone       living alone       tired of living alone
so you can spend night with me       come by
                                                          whenever you like

I may be available       all week long
there             here

I am so hopeless for the touch of 
I am so desperate for the feeling of a somebody

Note: A found poem, with text all taken from a series of pornographic emails in my spam folder

JO BRATTEN is a writer and teacher based in London. She has had poetry published in Ambit, Butcher’s Dog, Ink Sweat & Tears, Poetry Birmingham and The Interpreter’s House, amongst others.