Milena Williamson

Milena Williamson

Interview (2006)

We talked a little bit about his childhood
but mostly I talked to my dad
about when he went to Tanzania.

He went to Tanzania because
he was a conscientious objector
during the Vietnam War. 

A conscientious objector is someone
who refuses to go to war because
he does not believe in killing people.

If I were drafted for the army
I would be a conscientious objector.
I do not believe in killing people.

He lived in a village called Litowa.
He did agricultural planning
which means he helped people

decide what crops to plant
and how many seeds to save
for the next year’s planting.

MILENA WILLIAMSON is pursuing a PhD in poetry at the Seamus Heaney Centre. She has received an Eric Gregory Award. Her debut pamphlet, Charm for Catching a Train, is forthcoming from Green Bottle Press in autumn 2022. For more: