Oliver Sedano-Jones

Oliver Sedano-Jones

A List of Fantastical Objects

it’s never been my ambition to compile one                 earl grey 

jacuzzi, violin defoliant                 never anyone’s perhaps

but here we are                 burlap nightingale, crustacean paraglider

abandoning the mundane, taking it off                 like an austerity cravat 

spicy ricochet                 it’s never been my ambition to serve

a three-thousand course meal 

of charcuterie errata                 scarlet gramophone, regret piñata       

unless every course is just a different flavour 

of exhausting wisecrack                 tulip razor                 war yoghurt

at least my writer friends can laugh over this 

before submitting it once again to their strict standards 

of relevance and specificity                 emotional honesty, 

acoustic structure                 swole banana

but looking back at a hundred years of realist production    

I find it all deeply suspect                 masculine pedantry

like an angularly handsome hotel lasagna                 chardonnay pyjamas,

goblin carafe                 as if a metaphysical cabal 

had taken reality hostage                 umbrellas akimbo                 for a massive 

attention ransom                 revenge salmon                 but if you want 

a startling description of a sunset        

the very notion of a literary canon    

go look at a sunset       


OLIVER SEDANO-JONES’ work has appeared in BansheeTears in the Fence, Ink Sweat and Tears, SPOONFEED, Porridge and Prototype. He was shortlisted for the Wales Poetry Award 2020.