Petero Kalulé

Petero Kalulé

Drum need luv

6 month s sleep in de winter & it 
      grow so soff and slack, 6 month w/
                    no lovesleep, an de tone g-
                                                           O flat 

ya C? drum s a funny ting ya know, drum need
                                      sun feh music evapourate !

  i can’t yet playit inner my flat at  home still
           coz once ya do de whole bluck vibrate, & de
                     whole riddim 

 drum need open air or chapel break; C 
       i not a kristyen but  i play drum in de charch coz there 
             you find lots a pple to play w/ –
                                       & its fun & glee & bless

  ah drum s a pure funny ting ya know,
                                           drum need sun 
                                                      –– drum need luv !

PETERO KALULÉ (@nkoyenkoyenkoye) is a composer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist. Their collection of poems Kalimba was published by Guillemot Press in May 2019. Their second book, a collaborative experiment in river-reading co-written with Clarissa Álvarez is forthcoming with Guillemot press.