Rebecca Watts

Rebecca Watts

Should Anyone Be Left Alive

Sea flows in
            over the sill of a
                        square hole (glass long

gone) recarpets
            the carpet (water
                        and weed) (shell and

samphire) swells
            the wallpaper (a circle
                        of ferns) (a cluster of dandelions

steadfast on a
            bank) ruffles the curtains
                        which hang on and stir at

the slightest
            exhalation (unbrushed
                        hair around a secret face)

Should anyone
            be left alive where
                        would they sit (the sofa

sodden) (the
            level risen well
                        beyond their knees)

REBECCA WATTS is author of The Met Office Advises Caution (Carcanet, 2016) and editor of Elizabeth Jennings: New Selected Poems (Carcanet, 2019). Her second collection, Red Gloves, is due out in 2020.