Rishi Dastidar

Rishi Dastidar

Poutine on a hockey stick

Don’t nimrodize me and
my reactions right now,
can’t you see it’s the
end of the world again?

A gesture would be nice
except you’re transparent
and I can see you making
you feel better not me.

My dreams right now are
how I’m letting go of plans;
sorry I can’t be all Gretzky
for the Oilers, taking 100%

of my shots at glory – what
use are goals now anyway
these days? All I’m hungry
for is a futuristic being of a

brain that might not make
me regret the world of reality
for a moment. And some no
lots of chips, curds, gravy.

RISHI DASTIDAR’s second collection of poetry, Saffron Jack, is published in the UK by Nine Arches Press. He is also editor of The Craft: A Guide to Making Poetry Happen in the 21st Century (Nine Arches Press).