Romy Danielewicz

Romy Danielewicz


A poppy-donning tweed-clad subject stampedes me almost to death
I use the on-board charging point
I disembark

Multiple women bearing potted trees traverse the historic town centre
I eat gelato and touch weird rocks like volcanic glass
My phone dies

I don’t see the castle, only its wall
A child professes knowledge of a ‘lucky bucket’
They initiate a chant about said ‘lucky bucket’

I loiter at a seemingly abandoned Creative Writing department
I initiate a chat with a middle-aged poet very active on Twitter
At length I gain his trust

I fail to distinguish between the various Ryans of contemporary art
I decide that I am an agent of both good and evil
Ducklings approach me, then retreat

ROMY DANIELEWICZ is an artist and writer living in Glasgow. Their background is in visual art and performance, but they have also published poetry, fiction and criticism. They are interested in various forms of non-conformity.