Rose Ramsden

Rose Ramsden

The Snail

He’s the last to arrive for pick-up,
Staggering and heavy like a sigh.
He smells sour and sweet
Like a peach forgotten in the sun,
Forehead wet, the skin bursting
Beneath the softest press.

Hooow’s ssschool? He slurs,
Mouth slippery,
Secreting slime.
Fine. I reply, short,
Dry like salt.
And youuur muuum?
Which is more painful: his presence or mine?

He creeps to the sofa,
Sleep claiming his figure.
I take his hand
And squeeze, gentle,
So not to break his shell.

ROSE RAMSDEN is an MA student studying Creative Writing at Royal Holloway. She has been previously published by The Punch Magazine, Egg Box, and dubble, among others. Her work can be found on Twitter and Instagram @RoseRamsden.