Sanah Ahsan

Sanah Ahsan

pink murmurations

there are living people

                          we only see at funerals

viewers or witnesses are we

                          death doesn’t make us

talk community is

                          a kaleidoscope fracture

shifting flight patterns

                          what if our guy

is a dickhead

                          we won’t dash teach

cruelty not to pass itself

                          on a difference can we

unmake our makers

                          bring the sea to my corpse

a setting choir of sun

                          child things are

gonna get easier 

                          dead happens easy like

sunday wick burns out memory

                          squash the leftover

beef  add a slice of

                          cheese          to a body

                          diffusing threat

SANAH AHSAN’s debut collection I cannot be good until you say it is published with Bloomsbury. It was recently selected in The Guardian‘s best new poetry round up.