Sarah Fletcher

Sarah Fletcher

Words Relayed in a Café in Action in 2017

“Like when I had my termination,
— the nurse’s word — I forced
myself instead to say ‘abortion’

to remind myself so much of the world
would throw stones across my back
or burn my tongue, or pray
my death would lead me to those places

and in knowing that, felt
the happiness I failed to find in love
swim through my body
like thousands of minnows under
a frozen lake. How hate is unconditional,
constant, and easy

like — in any country, at any time —
the murder of a woman by her husband,

or, in rarer cases, by her brother,
or her father, or her lover.”

SARAH FLETCHER is an American-British poet with work in Poetry London, The White Review, Wild Court and The Rialto. Her second pamphlet Typhoid August was published in 2018 by Poetry Business. Her third pamphlet Caviar is forthcoming with Out-Spoken Press.