Scarlet Katz Roberts

Scarlet Katz Roberts

Stage 2 of teaching an alien about our planet: watching the great pottery throwdown

If at the end of a long 
night out I
am abandoned 

on a
planet that smells like
nail varnish 

I will make soup
for galactic women
and ask them

have you 
noticed being a 
lesbian is the perfect 
tableau for 
example why 
don’t you take me 
out to dinner 
sometime preferably 
light streaming through open
window style with 
radio on

or explain how this
lovebite is fading out
of me on the other 
side of the planet in
bedsheets I’m just over
here longing 

playing my 
favourite song
which only consists
of matching 
tshirts and 
houseplants over
and over

kiss me more 
mornings I want you in
comic book pose 
with your inside smell
still in pyjamas 
smooth interplanetary 
love with beltloops 
give me radio wave

I came here
alone at the
press of
a button to
be given coffee is

I can come back 
anytime yeah
just hope ur ok

am wondering if
that all seems
normal to

SCARLET KATZ ROBERTS is a full-time Arsenal fan and part-time poet living in London. She completed an MA in Creative Writing at UEA in 2022. You can find her writing in the Oxford Review of Books and Lighthouse Journal.