Tshegofatjo Makhafola

Tshegofatjo Makhafola

Down Low

1. night

the body is water taking 
shape of whatever landscape it rests on.
you flow around the wounds your lover has.
fill his fissures.
stretch to his borders.
cover the rough of his skin he finds no comfort in.
become the landscape. 
the surface of whatever he has not healed.
become the shape of his damage.

2. morning 

you are so starved of love
he shares his shame with you for breakfast.
your belly stores also his sins.
the ones he prays away.
if your sweetness gives him a toothache 
people will ask. so,
he rinses you off his mouth in the morning.

TSHEGOFATJO MAKHAFOLA is a data scientist and a poet from South Africa. His work has featured in issue 197 of New Contrast Literary Magazine, Poetry Potion and Brittle Paper.