Tyler King

Tyler King

Hex Enduction Hour 1982

            the immaculate heart; dimebag of grace & some other shit. bolt the escape hatch / bark like a dog. send a text like; yeah i’m at the mercy of world historic forces come through. we’ll read the testimony of the disappearing stars. read the gospel of wet dreams & annihilation. tristan tzara, dagger catching the glint of the faggot moon. demons of binding / demons of property / demons to wake the sleeping portals in our throats.

empty highway song; speedrunning the collapse trip, real orphic death magic hours. the still beating hearts of all our juvenile heroes pushing blood onto the windshield. 
            send a text to the boys chat like; theseus didn’t just kill those monsters, he cradled their heads in his bronze immortal arms until they stopped being monsters at all. any way you look at it, this is incalculably worse. 

            meet me on ludlow. meet me on south patterson. meet me on whatever avenue has the sharpest teeth. we’ll go out, knives drawn, 
            howling the hymns of the new midnight liberation army. we’ll kill every fascist we see. we’ll watch them stack the refrigerators up to heaven, until heaven has to intervene.

TYLER KING is a nonbinary poet from Dayton, Ohio. They are formerly the editor of Flail House Press, an independent online poetry magazine. Their work has appeared in Ghost City Press, Mutiny Magazine, Pandemic Publications and other places.